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20X Waterjet Cutting Pump

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Key Features

The 20XW sets the industry standard for high-output, high-pressure pumps for waterjet and PASER abrasive waterjet cutting applications.

Features & Specifications
  • Single, electrically-shifted 60,000 psi or 40,000 psi intensifier
  • Exclusive Gold Standard single, electrically-shifted 60,000 or 40,000 psi ESL (extended seal life) intensifier with ceramic plungers, which minimizes seal wear and improves durability
  • 50 hp, TEFC electric motor (460V, 50Hz or 60Hz)
  • Rexroth radial piston, variable-displacement, pressure-compensated 4.0 cu. in. (60Hz) or 5.0 cu. in. (50Hz) hydraulic pump
  • 124 cu. in. maintenance-free attenuator to maintain constant output pressure
  • Water booster and filtration system to ensure water quality and constant water pressure at 60 to 80 psi; a two-stage filter bank filters water of particulate matter to 0.5 micron
  • 24 Volt electronics
  • Integrated kidney loop filters oil to ISO code 15-12 or better, extending pump life
  • Dual pressure control is standard 
  • Maximum orifice size:
    • 60,000 psi version = 0.014
    • 40,000 psi version = 0.018
  • Automatic high-pressure bleed-down valve to relieve system water pressure to 0 psi within 1 second of shutting down the pump
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Maximum operating pressure relief valve
  • Leak-before-fail attenuators
  • Shut down sensors
  • Completely enclosed, steel-framed cabinet includes a counter-balanced cover and removable doors to help ensure safety and ease of maintenance
  • Improved hydraulic circuit: recent technological advancements significantly enhanced hydraulic performance
  • Overall pump output, hydraulic circuit life, intensifier shifting speed, and output pressure signal have all been improved

Last Update : 2015-06-16
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