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A REAL WATER FILTER - WF103 Indoor Water Filter

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With our 50 years of expertise, we have created an industry-first one-piece stainless steel design, which will make water even more beneficial and healthy for your family. Our top-quality filters will purify the water to its most natural state, which can be completely absorbed by the human body. We have created the best water purifier for the whole family with its high drinkability, easy component installation, and stainless steel pollution free material. 8 AMAZING FEATURES 1: Sturdy and durable, from generation to generation ● Stainless steel whole body which is safe and hygienic. The cartridge uses the same integrated technique as a space rocket. ● Life-time warranty, consumers will no longer need to replace the water dispenser. ● There is no welding joint at all. This helps to prevent rust or leak. 2: Exclusive patented automatic exhaust valve ● We has developed the exclusive 'automatic exhaust valve' to drain away the air in the filter automatically. It ensures that the whole cartridge is fully utilized with water and extends the cartridge lifespan for more than 30%. This saves you a great deal of money! 3: Exclusive patent of 3-second easy dispensable chimerical ● This chimerical structure does not require any tools, just press down gently and twist. You can remove the cartridge easily, regardless of adults or children. The cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily, so that the dispenser has more value, the water is even cleaner and hygienic. 4: Worldwide recognised top cartridges: Royal DOULTON ceramic filter ¡¨Ultracarb¡¨. ● First Layer: Outer Shell - Micro Filtration Anti-Bacterial formula within the ceramic matrix killspathogens. ● Second Layer: Activated carbon in the Super Sterasyl, ATC Super Sterasyl, Supercarb and Ultracarb takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour, and it also contains lead removal media. 5: Trendy design, popular always ● It can accommodate various furnishings needs of home: table, cabinet or single water outlet, dual-head outlet, and even onto the walls and altar. There are six types of ultra-simple installation methods, the way you like it! 6: Zero-pipe filter, it is even more hygienic ● Our Water Filter opts for“zero-pipe”design, there is no piping in the machine. ● Consumers can do the cleaning by themselves, no more worries on hidden filth in plastic pipes! ● It ensures the consumers will no longer encounter leaking pipes problem! 7: Patented brush, convenient cleaning ● We have specially developed the ceramic filter patented brush, consumers only need to put the brush onto the ceramic filter for cleaning, without removing the cartridge! 8: The most environmentally friendly water filter ● The body of our Water Filter does not require any replacement, and the automatic exhaust valve design aims to extend the lifespan of the dispenser, thus saving for more resources and money. Ni Hsin meets your lifestyle with clean consumption and hassle-free replacement procedure, along with the safe stainless steel material. It is the most suitable water filter for your whole family.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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