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brazed plate heat exchanger

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Brazed heat exchanger manufacturers

As one of the best brazed heat exchanger products manufacturers, Kaori Heat has been producing several kinds of brazed heat exchanger products and related products. We started as a manufacturer of exchanger products committed to the finest quality.
We are a leading manufacturer producing many kinds of brazed heat exchanger products, and we have continuously offered innovative products to meet the changing market demands.

Kaori Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

  1. High thermal efficiency
  2. High working pressure/Temp
  3. High corrosion resistance/Low pressure drop

Certificate: CE/UL/ASME/GOSH


- Used in various fluid media

* All type of refrigerants; ammonia will be used for nickel brazed.
* Organic solvents.

* Water.

* Oil.

* Various brine solutions (glycol mixtures, CaC12, alcohols etc).

- Used in various equipment
* Heat Pumps

* Industrial Chiller; Plastic Machine; Hydraulic Pressures (oil); and Compressor Oil Cooling
* Air Dryer

* Water Cooler; Drinking Water or Process Water for various industries

* Temperature holding for storage tanks

* Hest Recovery including heat recycling from hot steam

* Indoor heating including floor heating

- Refrigerant applications, BPHE function as

* Evaporators

* Condensers

* Oil Coolers

* Economizers

* Subcoolers

* Super-heaters for gas

* Desuper-heaters for gas

KAORI was devoted in heat treatment technology since 1970 and became the leading manufacturer of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger in Taiwan. With the complete product line of heat exchangers, we service customers in various industries, including HVAC, Heat Pump, Gas Boiler, Oil Cooler etc. all over the world. To spread sales worldwide, our products are all UL /CE/ASME/GOSH certificated.

KAORI put enormous efforts on researching and developing innovative designs; one of the latest achievements is the heat exchanger specially designed of CO2 brazed plate heat exchnager. Our commitments to customers are Instant response, Customized design and Short lead-time. Customers satisfaction is always our first priority! Any inquiries please send to . We would be glad to service you soon!

Product Certification

Last Update : 2013-02-05
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