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Centric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

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The Brand Leading in Taiwan!

Key Features

Centric butterfly valve that ensures corrosion protection and low operating torque. Our products are made of top grade and highly durable materials to ensure product quality. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    1. Size: 1.5”~48”(40mm~1200mm), ANSI Class:125~150 LB
    2. Service temperature: -20 ℃~204 ℃(-4℉~400℉)
    3. The full series passed the Approval Certificate Works of Casting Iron for Valves  of China Corporation Register of Shipping: Chapter 3 Part VI of Rules for the Construction and Classification of Steel Ships
    4. Valve is designed to API 609, ASME B16.34 and ISO 5208 accordingly.
    5. 24” and below, valve mounting flange and stem shall be per ISO 5211 which could be easy to install actuators and extension stem used for high and low temperature.
    6. 26” and above, valve mounting flange per ISO 5211, stem shell be round- keyed which could be easy to install actuators and extension stem used for high and low temperature.
    7. Value Valves Co., Ltd. provides the 90° rotary, rubber seated, centric butterfly valve (VF-73_series).
    8. VF-730 provides the BI-DIRECTIONAL BUBBLE-TIGHT SHUT OFF DESIGN and up to 50,000 times of life cycle.
    9. PIN FREE DESIGN provides simple maintenance and replacement of spare parts.  
    10. STEM RETAINING MECHANISM: The stem is retained in the body by means of a special “Q” type design when the valve size is under DN350mm, and hence the stem can be removed from the body and disc without any special tools.
    11. The connection types of valve’s body are wafer, lug, and double flanged.It is suitable for water, cooling water, gas , powder and other pipe line for regulating fluid flow on and off the role.

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Last Update : 2019-06-10
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