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Key Features

1. Concentric and eccentric styles as well as our tapered disk design are available for horizontal, vertical applications and are working well without leaking while getting a return pressure.

2. Our special designed Check valve can be using for many applications in such as food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and many other industries.

3. Our producs have earned the 3A symbol, which requires an annual assessment to make certain each product conforms in all respects to the published standard.

4. It is necessary you specify at the time when orders be placing if heat numbers and MTR's are required.

  • Body:
    • SS 316. SS304 and SS316L are required based on big volume.
    • Fully precision machined by CNC machine.
    • Angle design make the biggest flowing liquid as well as for disk easy open and close.
    • Connection: clamp end, weld end, male end and female end are available from 1/2", 3/4" up to 4".
    • Connection: weld end are available the tubing according to 3A, SMS, RJT(BS), DIN 11851.
    • Middle clamp designed are available from 1/2", 3/4" up to 3".
    • Middle flange designed are available from 1/2", 3/4" up to 4".
  • Type of ends available:
    • 3A: Clamp, Weld, Bevel male and female are available from 1/2" up 4"
    • SMS: Weld end, male and female end are available from DN25 up to DN104.
    • DIN: Weld end, male and female end are available from DN28, DN34, DN52, DN70, DN85 and DN101.6, DN104.
    • I-Line: available from 1" up to 4".
  • Spring:
    • Stainless steel sanitary both closing design, both opening design is required.
  • Seal ring of stem:
    • EPDM. VITON OR SILICON is required.
  • Body O-ring:
    • NBR or EPDM. VITON is required.
  • Working temperature:
    • -10o ~ 120o (EPDM seal)

  • Opening pressure:
    • 1/2"-0.09 bar
    • 3/4"-0.23 bar
    • 1"-0.75 bar
    • 1.5"-1.3 bar
    • 2"-0.44 bar
    • 2.5"-0.68 bar
    • 3"-0.33 bar
    • 4"-0.42 bar
  • Working pressure:
    • Open pressure as above and Max. working pressure 10 bar.

Last Update : 2015-06-24
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