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CNC Vertical Machining Center

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Key Features

1. Broad base setting enables saddle and working table not to move out of the base to cause overhang when cutting action is in progress

2. In order to accord with the demands from every customer, the standardization and modulization design of both linear and box way can let customer choose all three axes linear way, all three axes box way or even two axes linear way and one axis box way, etc.. This kind of design can provide adjustment assembling with different functions depending on customer's need.

3. Varied function choices allow our customer to choose spindle head from belt, direct or gear type depending on their specific needs.

4. Double U slot design is used on base setting. When cutting action is in progress, the massive chips will all fall into the slot. It can decrease the inconvenience of chip cleaning and also shorten the chip cleaning time.

5. A font column design with "Double [ ] type" base setting can have the best stable combination, good rigidity and no distortion permanently as specifications of our machine.

6. three axes ball screw cannulation with average temperature cooling device can control the temperature staying at average setting. It can also control the position precision and repeat position precision. The control error is one-fifth of PS value of ISO/VDI/DGQ3441.

7. Supportive rolling wheel of flexible enclosed splash guard does not roll on the main sliding track. Therefore, the chip will not be squeezed by the rolling wheel and the sliding track will not be damaged again to cause the damage of Teflon abrasive piece which will affect the position precision and repeat precision as well.

8. The fan cooling device on the side cover of spindle motor can reduce the high temperature, decrease capacity lose and improve cutting capacity and efficiency when the motor is operating.

9. On Box Way, there are two gib on both X and Y axis in order to control and adjust the precision of "Left-right direction when working table and saddle move forward and backward. Besides these two gib, there are other four gib using to control and adjust the interval of "Up-down" when working table and saddle move forward and backward. The purpose is to avoid left-right and up-down swaying when the moving action of working table and saddle is in progress. Besides that, it can increase the maintenance convenience of precision adjustment when machine has been used for a period of time.

The innovative design of this Vertical CNC Machine Center is to keep the high precision when machine is under rapid operating and high reliablility when machine is operating under a long time period. It can also reduce heat of motor and screw to achieve the purpose of energy saving. We use the lease cost as the basic point to create the best efficiency. This can make our machine not only commercialization but also mass-produced to increase the international competitive power of Taiwan's product.

Last Update : 2015-08-06
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