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CTS Hook Type Chain Hoist

Model No.
CTS Hook Type Chain Hoist
Made in
FITOP MACHINERY CO., LTD.More About This Product
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chain hoist


  • Type : Gantry Crane,Jib Crane
  • Type : Chain Hoist

Key Features

  1. Overload Limit:
    New Design: The load-limiting clutch does not break the kinetic bond between the holding brake and the lifted load, patent pending.
    External Access:The hoist gearbox does not have to be
    disassembled to service the load-limiting clutch.
  2. Frame&Housing:
    one piece from aluminum,IP55 weather protected against ingress of dust and water, baked finish gives the frame superior resistance to harmful environmets.
  3. Hoist Motor:
    Extruded from aluminum alloy, Squirrel cage parallel rotor motor, TENV and IP54 totally enclosed construction can withstand harsh environments.(IP55 option), Class H insulation standard 180 ℃, Cooling fins increase surfave area for maximum heat radiation.
  4. Hoist Brake:
    DC disc brake with two flat-faced brakes discs(asbestos free)with a life of more than 1 million actuations, patent pending.
    Oversized brake disc's lower surface stress and prolong brake life,frequent adjustments are not necessary.
    Holding brake can be manually released to lower the load in the event of a power failure or malfunction without special tools.
  5. Gear Box:
    Multi-Stage high performance gear train, gear teeth are
    precision machined for long life and quiet operation.
    Planetary gear drive used for the final high torque
    reduction, all forces are balanced.
    Permanently lubricated for life.
  6. Chain Sprocket:
    CNC machined alloy steel lifting sprocket is heat treated for maximum performance.
    High precision chain sprocket has more than 5 times the life of an investment casting sprocket.
    Advanced modular design enables replacement of the lifting sprocket without dismantling the hoist gearbox and without the use of special tools.
  7. Load Chain:
    Grade 80 super alloy load chain is precisely calibrated and heattreated for long life.
    Safety factor is more than 6-1.
    Surface hardened chain standard.
    Non-Acid processing galvanized plating chain can be choosed for resistance against corrosion.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2017-10-23
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