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Electrical EDM Wire Cutting Machine

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edm machine

Key Features

Our wire cutting machines are made from durable and high-quality components to offer the best performance and productivity. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
  • Our machines feature 99 sets, each set for 10 section working memories. (standard)
  • Our working surface is very uniform.
  • Our computer screen interface allows easy operation and identification.
  • Our controller is of excellent quality.
  • When moving X,Y axes during machining, if a touching error occurs on the interface the
  • machine will automatically stop.
  • We have special material working data, (ex.:copper-carbide, steel, etc.)
  • We feature an intellingent jump pumping function, it follows working depth to increase height of jump pumping.
  • We feature a switch with a big coordinate switch function, convenient for adjusting the mould.
    Auto edit function provided.
  • Z axis can be installed for upward working (optional if unnecessary)
  • Intelligent ARC prevention system: When ARC occurs during general working, it shortens the working time automatically to increase TOFF to solve the ARC condition. After the ARC condition has been solved, it will return to work automatically.
  • Features absolute cooradinates, machine coordinates, working coordinates(it's easy and quick to find the mold home position without stopping the machine).
  • Easy operation due to our display monitor.
  • Operation message field, displays operation condition.
  • Key locked function, can avoid touch error.
  • Monitor protect function, can extend computer life.
  • Residue removing speed is adjustable to prevent vibration problem when machining with big electrode.
  • The electrode protrction function prevents electrode wear due to carbon deposit, resulting from abnormal current existing on the electrode tip.
  • During discharging, the engative and positive polarity can be changed automatically at a setting time. This makes the machine suitable for mold-clamping machining.
  • Exclusive discharge meter permits operator to observe the machining status at any time.
  • A selection of big electrode and coarse machining upgrades machining speed without changing machining condition.
  • With the self-established machining database, the operator may record the optimal parameters.
  • Current machining condition display and safety detection function.
  • Stable system. Minimum trouble.
    Special machining circuit for tungsten steel.


  • System 3R/Erowa/Hirschmann tool holders
  • Cooling unit for dielectric fiuid.
  • Permanent magnetic chuck


  • Ballscrews on X and Y axes. Linear guide on Z-axus.
  • Electrode holder
  • Working lamp
  • Tools, tool box and clamping lits
  • Fire detector system and fire extinguisher
  • Remote controller

Last Update : 2019-06-05
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