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Electrostatic flocking machine

Model No.
PHT - 80L, PHT - 100E
Made in
PAM HSIANG TRADING CO., LTD.More About This Product
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Key Features

  • PHT Electrostatic flocking is based on the attraction of electricity to different substances. A strong magnetic filed is created by supplying high voltage current to the anode and having the cathode grounded. When the item with adhesive passes the magnetic filed, the fiber cuttings at the anode are attracted by the cathode and fly vertically onto the adhesive surface of the item. Thus, the fiber cuttings are densely planted on the item. After drying, the fiber cuttings are firmly bonded to the surface and a fine fiber planted item is completed.
  • Application :
    Since the planting is carried out by the attraction of positive and negative charges, items of any shape inclu-ding; plane, curved, concave, convex or cubic, and located at any place like the wall, floor or ceiling, can be planted with this machine. Except for water, almost any substance can be applied to, including felt cloth, felt paper, wood wares, jewelry boxes, picture frames, clothes racks, ceilings, aluminum foils, hard wares, plastic toys, rubbers, sponges, ceramics, Christmas greeting cards, perpetual calendars, car polylon products, marbles, glass, interior decorations, fabrics, leathers, pulp products, emery paper or cloth, suitcases, handicrafts, and so on.

  • Adhesive and drying method :
    There are many kinds of adhesives. But the adoption of adhesives depends on the suitability for the item to be planted. The necessity of drying depends on the nature of substance planted. Felt cloth, for example, must be treated with heat at 130 - 150 ℃. The heat treating is usually performed with the use of vapor, gas, heavy or light oil, electricity or coke.

  • Model : PHT - 80L
  • Power consumption :  180 W
  • Voltage output : 80 KVP
  • KVP Current output : 0 - 10 mA
  • Machine size : 38 x 45 x 58 cm
  • Machine weight : 48 kgs
  • Model : PHT - 100E
  • Power consumption : 250 W
  • Voltage output : 100 KVP
  • Current output : 0 - 10 mA
  • Machine size : 46 x 62 x 120 cm
  • Machine weight : 175 kgs

Last Update : 2016-08-26
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