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Energy Saving Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Processing Machinery

Model No.
Ei Series (SJ-350Ei)
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Energy Saving upto 70%, long open stroke and less deformation platens


  • Plastic Type : Thermoplastic,Thermosetting
  • Style : Horizontal
  • Type : Injection Blow Molding,Preform Injection,Tube Head Injection,Tube Shoulder Injection

Key Features


Use of servo-motor and constant displacement gear pump can save energy by up to 70%.
2.The outward toggle design concentrates the clamping force on the mold platen which reduces deformation to a minimum.
3.The material storage motor is fixed to eliminate inertia.


100 Ton Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Unique Servo Motor with Constant Displacement Gear Pump:
It features energy saving, silence, low-noise, low thermal growth, high response and high repeatability. The unit is a proven cutting edge that helps to lower production costs while creating more profits.

Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine High Response Servo Motor Driver:
The use of high response controller dramatically upgrades product accuracy and stability.

Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine ELIMINATING MOLD DEFORMATION :

Conventional toggle-Significant deformation New outward toggle-minimum deformation
of mold platen. of mold platen.

Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine Clamping Unit:
Ultra-high Rigidity Assures Increased Service Life of Machine and Mold.
The top and bottom outward toggles are concentrated at the center of machine frame, featuring extra long mold opening stroke and minimized deformation of mold platen.
This feature not only meets various product requirements, but also provides an increase in molding quality.

The machine frame is reinforced by using Pro-E computer-assisted stress analysis, assuring high rigidity, uniform stress distribution, no stress concentration problem and longer service life.
Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine LOW NOISE:
Noise level is as low as 68dB(A) at 140kgf retaining pressure. During idle running, no noise generated instead of noise caused by continuous running of a conventional motor.
Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine SYSTEM PACKAGE:
The system integrates electronic and electric devices, hydraulic and control software, making it easy to operate and maintain.

*The flow rate and pressure can be set according to actual requirement. Once the pressure reaches the set value, the motor will run at low speed, eliminating energy loss due to over-flow for saving power consumption considerably.
*Significant energy saving permits great reduction of injection molding cost.
High response of injection control can reach 99% repeatability. In addition, the linear error of injection speed is controlled within 1%.

Extra-high precision pressure control allows pressure linearity error within 1% between setting values and actual values is maintained.

*Energy Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine HIGH EFFICIENCY HIGH ACCURACY:
The unit applies a cylindrical check seal to stop return-flow of hydraulic oil. When hydraulic pressure generates, the “moon”shape separated bronze presses against both sides of the gear. It automatically compensates gap to avoid leakage, enabling discharges efficiency to reach 95%~98%. In addition, with its low speed with high pressure feature, such as running at 100rpm with 200bar pressure, the unit is also capable of exhibiting high efficiency. It’s an excellent unit specially designed for energy saving and pressure-retaining for plastic injection molding machines.
With the use of a moon shape separated bronze in combination with pressure gap compensation and hydraulic balance design, there is no wearing problem and no particles. This results in minimum rippling wave(1.5%~2%), minimum noise and longer service life.
The effect of a conventional gear pump is its gear clearance, causing inaccuracy 12~16% of pulsation. This defect leads to more vibration, more noise and shorter service life.
*The servo motor is specially designed to meet the requirement of energy saving for a plastic injection molding machine. With the self-developed high-density magnet technology, the construction of the servo motor is greatly reduced with minimum rotor inertia.
*The principle is the same as a car; if a car requires faster acceleration and more fuel saving, the car weight must be lighter. Similarly, if a servo hydraulic drive requires faster raised pressure and more power saving, the rotor inertia of the servo motor should be as small as possible.


Model SJ-350Ei
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 60 65 70
Theoretical Injection Volume cm3 848 995 1154
Shot Weight (P.S.) g 783 919 1066
OZ 27.7 32.5 37.6
Plasticizing Capacity (P.S.) kg/hr 140 164 191
Injection Rate cm3/sec 240 282 327
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 2245 1913 1650
Screw Speed rpm 0 ~ 185
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force ton 350
Opening Stroke mm 700
Mold Thickness (Min-Max) mm 200 ~ 700
Platen Size(H × V) mm 950 × 900
Distance between Tie Bars(H × V) mm 660 × 610
Ejector Force ton 7
Ejector Stroke mm 210
Electrical Equipment
Pump Motor KW 33
Heat Zones set 5
Heater Capacity KW 15.3
Machine Dimension(L × W × H) m 6.9 × 1.85 × 2.2
Machine Net Weight ton 14
Specifications and accessories are subject to change without prior notice.

Safety/Quality Approvals

CE, ISO9001

We offer

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Product Certification


    Toggle outward type plastic injection molding machine

Last Update : 2018-11-13
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