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Fiber Marking Laser Scanning Equipment

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The versatile marking solution

Key Features

Portable 3D laser scanner. We also sell many other laser scanners and laser scanning equipment at very reasonable prices. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.
UFBE-10W Laser Marker



UFBE-10W laser marker equips with branded laser, high efficient fan-cooling heat dissipation design to ensure stable laser work even in harsh environments. The machine’s average life expectancy is 30,000 hours, zero maintenance, buy and use, no other consumables like water tank or laser tube. High power laser, professional and stable, satisfy static accurate marking


 Excellent beam quality, stable laser output, easier to adjust the marking effect
 Relatively small beam spot gives slim marking lines, which is suitable for marking precise graphics
 With smaller width, less thermal effect
 Won’t cause any burning phenomenon, distinct and artistic marking
 Except for the relatively weak marking depth, Fiber-EP laser marker is as powerful as 20W fiber laser marker. The
    Fiber-EP marker efficiency is 3-5 times of the same laser power fiber machine when marks on metals

 Font edit function, can design and create unique customized fonts
 Automatically determine the most efficient marking sequence, effectively improve the efficient and making time
 Support multi-layers structure, users can edit multiple layers for different marking conditions, to satisfy a variety of

 The exclusive handheld controller, which can offline access 1024 marking files, completely without PC, just choose file
     number to perform marking. No training needed, as easy as possible

Applicable Materials
Suitable for all kinds of metals and nonmetals Including:nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, titanium, copper, gold, silver, electroplating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin and many other materials.

Application Industrials
Suitable for all kinds of high precision marking and engraving. Widely used in digital products, precision machinery, jewelries and accessories, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, eyeglasses and watches, plastic buttons, integrated circuit, hardware tools, mobile communications, auto parts, pharmaceutical equipments, construction materials and many other industrials.


 Item  UFBE-10W
 Laser Power  10W
 Wavelength  1064±1nm
 Marking Features  Min.Line Width: 0.01mm
 Character Size: 0.3mm ~ Max.Marking Area
 Marking Area: 110×110mm, Optional is 70×70mm; 140×140mm; 200×200mm
 Marking Fonts: PC installed fonts
 Languages: Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese; English; Japanese; German
 Operations  PC
 Handheld controller
 Remote control
 Laser Unit  562.5×130×137mm
 Power Supply Unit  480×302×218mm
 Weight  Approx.25kg
 Power Consumption  ≤500W
 Power Supply  220V 50HZ~60HZ
 Working Temperature  10℃~30℃
 Cable Length  2.5m
 Optional  Rotary Axis
 Lifting Table ( Lifting Range: 60~550mm )
 Software Version  XYZ axis laser control marking
 Computer vision positioning laser control marking
 3D laser control marking


Last Update : 2019-05-15
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