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AJ-207 Flat hose direct male thread nipple for branching lateral hose from flat hose directly

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Easy for lay flat hose to branch


  • Connection : Male
  • Head Code : Hexagon
  • Shape : Equal
  • Technique : Casting

Key Features

DEAR DEER lay flat hose direct male thread nipple for branching lateral hose from main lay flat hose directly. It saves T fittings or cross fottings, reduces fittings cost. In general it is used for low pressure irrigation such as DEAR DEER sprinkler hose system. This lay flat hose direct male thread nipple can screw the female thread valve.

DEAR DEER sprinkler hose also named as rain tape, rain pipe, rain hose, irrigation spray hose, spray tube, perforated tube etc. It is a flat hose with many pores on the hose to spray water mistily. Sprinkler hose irrigation system easy to install, easy to maintain, low cost, easy plug clearing, quick irrigation, and low water pressure, low energy consuming.
It is suitable for any crop or plant in dry land. There are different types of DEAR DEER sprinkler hose with different watering pore pattern for different crops and different farmlands. Can be used to open farmland, sandy land, greenhouses, net house. Especially it is suitable for crop nursery or the plants require more water in short time.
The use life of DEAR DEER sprinkler hose is about 2-5 years, depending on how to use and how to maintain.
Most sprinkler hose laid on the ground, but some types can be hang on air.
Sprinkler hose as another name spray tube, it can spray on the air and fall down like little rain at open field so sprinkler also named as rain tape or rain pipe. In addition sprinkler hose may cover under mulch film to spray and drip under the mulch film.
While laid on the ground, the sprinkler hose is sprayed upward into the air, and then fall down at 2 sides. There are many patterns of pores of these types.
The use under mulch film, the spray pores farther away from the centerline, the spray angle is low. Plants grow outward from the holes on the mulch film. Sprinkler hose is under the mulch film along the line of crop cultivation, near crops.
While Irrigate, the water discharged from the sprinkler hose pores, flow directly to crop roots in the soil. If necessary, liquid fertilizer can be added in the water, along go together to the root of the crops. In fact, this is another way to drip, but the drip rate is faster than the drip irrigation.
Sprinkler hose irrigation system is generally not necessary to install a filter, unless the type of very tiny pore or much impurities in the water.
As long as the water pumped to the pond firstly, so that the dirt can be precipitated in the pond.
In the absence of the pump case, it can still do short distance irrigation.
Because of the required working pressure is very low, as long as there is a tank height of more than 1 m, it can make the water down from the tank to the hose and flow out from the pores. This is a simple drip irrigation especially for short distance crop line. To use sprinkler hose irrigation system to drip is easier and more acceptable to farmer. Especially its material and maintain cost are much than regular drip system. This is the cheapest drip irrigation method.
No matter this irrigation hose named sprinkler hose or rain tape, rain pipe, rain hose, spray tube, perforated tube, it all means a flat hose with perforated pores on it and spray water as raining.

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  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1,000 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-10-14
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