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Fruit/Vegetable Packaging Net Making Machine-55mm

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Key Features

55mm Fruit/Vegetable Packaging Net Making Machine

Suitable Material : PP, PE, EVA Product

Specification :

Depending on Thread Mesh

Thread Mesh ◊ : 14-130 Meshes

Product Width : 10mm ?600mm

Extrusion Output : 15-30 kg/hr

A: EXTRUDER Screw : Dia = 55mm? L/D = 30:1 Gear Box : 3 Axis, SCM-21 Heat Treated Ground Gears with Oil Pump

Screw Material : SACM-645 Nitride Treated, Homogenized, Hard-Chromed Barrel Material : SACM-645 Nitride Treated, Homogenized, Hone-Polished Barrel Cooling : 1/4 HP Blower x 2 Driving Motor : 15 HP AC Motor with Inverter Drive Heater Capacity : 18 kW B.MESH CROSSING DIE HEAD: Cross Rotating Die Head : 2 Rotating gears x 1 Set Rotating Drive : 3 HP AC Motor with Reducer and Inverter Control Nozzle Diameter : 52-82mm? Mesh Die Plate : 2 Sets C. CONTROL PANEL: Complete Set of Extruder and Die Head Drive Control Thermos Controller : 6 Points (Digital PID SSR) D. WATER COOLING BATH: Cooling Water Tank : 500mm L x 560mm W x 600mm H x 1 Set (Stainless Steel) Tank Guide Wheel : 1 set E.TAKE-OFF UNIT (A): Take-Off Roller : 320mm?x 350mm L x 1 pc Pneumatic Roller : 1 set Driving Press Roller : 160mm?x 320mm L x 2 pcs Take-Off Motor : 1 HP AC Motor with Reducer and Inverter Control Take-Off Speed : 5-15 M/Min F. STRETCH HOT WATER BATH: Hot Water Bath: 1 Set (Stainless Steel) Heater Capacity: 14 kW Thermos-Controller : 1 set Water Stripper: 1 HP Splatter Wheel x 1 set G.TAKE-OFF UNIT (B): Take-Off Roller: 320mm?x 350mm L x 1 pc Pneumatic Roller: 1 set Driving Press Roller: 160mm?x 200mm L x 2 pcs Take-Off Motor: 2 HP AC Motor with Reducer and Inverter Control Take-Off Speed: 40 M/Min H.TAKE-UP WINDER : Winding Shaft: 2 Set (Pneumatic) Winding Motor: 1 HP DC Motor Meter Counter: 1 set Wound-up Roll Size : 400mm?x 350mm L Machine Dimension: 6m x 2.5m x 2.5m (LxWxH)

Last Update : 2015-10-18
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