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ISO pump

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ISO series
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end suction centrifugal pumps


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  • Minimum Order : 1

Key Features

Product features:
1. Satisfy high standard demands:
Pump structures, installation sizes and design specifications are comply with international standard ISO2858, for interchangeability of components between all individual pump sizes.
2. Design structures are more reasonable:
Pump casing--Adopts high efficient volute shape.
Impeller--An enclosed impeller pump tolerate moderate wear with little adverse effect on overall performance and efficiency which minimizes hydraulic loads on impeller and casing.
Pump cover--Back pull out design offers easy disassembly for maintenance and impeller trim.
Pump shaft--A circular collar mounted on end of the shaft to absorb the unbalanced axial thrust in the pump which makes it easy to repair.
Bearing--Select broad range of specifications of well known bearings, improves bearing life under tough operating conditions.
Seal chamber--Under normal circumstances, adopts mechanical seal which suitable for most operating environments.
3. Dynamically balanced impeller:
Dynamically balanced impeller that minimizes vibration and maximize bearing life.
4. High interchangeability:
All series of 29 types only need 4 overhangs, 4 shaft, 10 casing cover, enhanced components interchangeability, also lower accessories inventory.
5. Diverse materials:
Under special request, pump casing could use stainless steel for high corrosive environments.
6. High head and high efficiency
1.Air conditioning systems.
2.Broad range of industrial applicatinos.
3.Temporary water supply booster systems and fire fighting systems.
4.Open loop and close loop water circuit systems.
5.Water supply and pressure boosting systems.
6.Paper mill, brewery, refinery, and boiler feed.
Operating conditions:
1.Working pressure: 1.6~2.4Mpa(16~24kg/cm2)
2.Liquid temperature: Max. 105 degree C.
3.Ambient Temp.: Max.40 degree C 
1.Output Range: 1HP~350HP
2.Voltage: 3Phase 220~660V
3.Frequency/Pole: 50/60HZ ; 2P/4P
4.Max.Head: 230M
5.Max.Capacity: 900M3/Hr
6.Motor Spec.: IP54 ; E,B,F Insulation
8.Discharge: 11/4"~5"
9.Working pressure: Max.16~24bar

Product Certification

Last Update : 2012-12-26
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