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Linear EVA Injection molding machine

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Key Features

Electric Control Unit
1. Touch-screen human-machine interface makes the parameter setting fast and easy; electric cabinet is stand-alone to avoid malfunction caused by machine vibration.

Injection Unit
1. The injection system is optimized by a unique screw design with precise temperature control.
2. The repeatability is assured by the precise volumetric control and the proportional valves of pressure and flow.
3. Injection volume is sufficient to meet the production with multi-cavity molds.
4. Equipped with multi-zone thermal control on each injector. Each zone is set individually in accord with different characteristics of compounds and production conditions.
5. Precise transmission system with the sliding structure driven precisely by servomotor control system; the movement of the injection unit is smooth, and the positioning is fast and accurate.

Mold-Holder Unit
1. To meet various productions, the mold-holder is designed to be suitable for different types of molds such as one mold one pair, one mold two pairs, one mold three pairs in small sizes.
2. The high clamping force of mold-holder is realized with hydraulic cylinders, which can automatically compensate the variation of mold thickness caused by temperature change.
3. The clamping system is equipped with two independent sets of cylinders at each station. The big hydraulic cylinders averagely distribute the high clamping force on the whole surface of the mold to avoid flash.
4. The mold open stroke is long to make collecting parts and cleaning mold easily.
5. There are independent temperature control units for up and down mold plates in each mold-holder. The temperature of each mold is controlled with high precision to produce parts with stable quality.

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Sets

Last Update : 2016-03-01
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