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Luminary Bag Automation Production Line

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  • Product Type : Paper Bag Making Machine
  • Type : Auto Cutter,Cutting Machine,Laminating Machine

Key Features

Luminary Bag Automation Production Line

Key Features:

l  Fully automation (software controlled)

l  Fully adjustable (software auto setting or manual control)

l  Printing-Tubing-Cutting-Sewing-Sealing process within one production line.

l  Suitable for paper bags or woven bag with lamination production

l  4 labor reduction compared to traditional production line.



Production line overview


Printing Station:

l  Safety setup: printing cylinders are lifted automatically when the main driver motor stops

l  Ink recycling system is available.

l   No production line stop for fabric change/replacement in printing.


Tubing Station:

l  Equipped with extruder web aligner system for accurate lamination location.

l  Accurate gusseting depth adjustment device.

l  Tension controller for embossment in gusseting.


Cutting-Stitching-Sealing Station:

l  Servo motors for stable cutting and sewing process.

l  Auto mark sensor to detect printing  errors.

l  Thermal bonding device to reach great sealing performance.




Traditional production line

Automation production line

Printing-tubing process: 3 workers, Sealing/ stitching process: 4 workers, total 7 workers needed

Entire process from Printing-Tubing-Cutting-Sealing/stitching need 3 workers

Maximum stitching production : 35 bags/min

Maximum stitching production :

45 bags/min

Maximum sealing : 40 bags/min

Maximum sealing : 60 bags/min



l  Less workforce with higher output.

l  Defective Rate decreased by 50%.

l  Bag production speed increase by 40%.

l  40% decrease of working capital.

Last Update : 2016-05-12
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