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Mechanical Seal

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詳細說明 / DESCRIPTION MAC 3000 應用條件 APPLICATION CONDITION 溫度 (TEMP RANGE): - 30℃ ~ 330℃ 壓力 (PRESSURE): 12Kg/cm² 週速 (SPEED): 20m/sec 標準材質 STANDARD MATERIAL 金屬 (METAL): SUS316 / Ti2 / C-276 / B2 / ZR702 固定環 (SEAT RING): S-SIC / R-SIC / T.C / CARBON 迴轉環 (ROTARY RING): R-SIC / S-SIC / T.C / CARBON 密封圈 (O-RING): TRP / KALREZ / VITON / OTHERS 結構特性 COMPONENT DATA ■專利型卡夾式單彈簧外裝式軸封,安裝簡易輕鬆。 Patent cartridge external seal with single spring; easy to install ■抗結晶設計,針對聚合、高真空、粹取製程,使用壽命長久。 Crystal-resisting design; suitable for processes like polymerization, vacuum and extract; with long lifetime ■耐磨面使用整體碳化矽SIC、碳精CB、超硬質合金TC,精度長久不變。 Wear-resisting surface made by one piece SIC, CARBON or TC; with long and durable precision 應用設備 APPLICATION EQUIPMENT ■適用污水處理設備。 Suitable for sewage treatment system ■水泵、化工泵、豎軸泵、鋼鐵廠大型水泵、一般轉動設備。 Adaptable to water pumps, chemical pumps, vertical pumps, and general rotating equipment ■DIN、ANSI標準系列泵浦。 Suitable for standard DIN and ANSI pump series

Product Certification

Last Update : 2015-10-10
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