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Membrane Filter Press

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Key Features

  1. Body structure: Head end, fixed end, traveling end and side bar are made by solid steel plate and jointed by high-strength bolts under precise safe strength calculation, able to withstand high pressure operation and suitable to the pulsed input loading.
  2. Hydraulic driving mechanism: Double acting electricity-driven hydraulic cylinder; move forward/backward and supplement pressure automatically.
  3. Rubber filter plate: apply 10 or 12mm steel plate to build the reinforced core plate and totaled enclosed by rubber; the reinforced "Stay bosses" design con ensure longest operation lifetime; high sealing capability that won't leak; anti-chemicals, elevated temperature and acid/caustic; no cracking or deformed.
  4. Polypropylene filter plate: integrated into one piece by high tempura & pressure + milling machining; able to create visible and invisible streams; the reinforced "Stay bosses" design can prevent from bad sealing or deformation from insufficient mechanical strength.
  5. Membrane protection: automatically detect the residual air pressure in membrane, avoiding instant explosion or trip made while rejecting plate and thus would hurt operator.
  6. Filter cloth: double-side, made by PP or PA (nylon); easy to separate cake rather than sticking on the cloth.
  7. Control system: feed in from inner/outer door (incl.glass door) + dustproof & waterproof electrical control cabinet; allowing to set auto (constant cycle)/manual operation mode; prints +hot coats, bright, good looking and dirt endured.
  8. Hydraulic plate-picking machine: pressure is sufficient to push skewed plate back to order and pick it up substantially: the process is better than motor-driven or pneumatic one that would drop down filter plate from error current induction or insufficient thrust force.

Last Update : 2010-03-19
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