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MIB 85-C Handled PC Water Bottle Special Machine

Model No.
MIB 85-C
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Key Features

Major features and innovations of MIB 85-C Injection Blow Machine are: (1) It is a handled PC water bottle, and it only needs one machine to finish the process of injection and blowing. There are some companies in this industry do embedding-style handled PC water bottle, but they need two machines to finish the procedure. One machine produces PC water bottle, and another machine makes handle. Why MIB 85-C Injection Blow Machine only requires one machine? The reason is that it is an integrated, one-step, and multi-function machine. (2) Handle and bottle belong to one kind of raw material. Other injection blow machines need two kinds of different raw materials. For instance, handled raw material is PP and raw material of bottle is PC because of two machines and the cost of raw material. (3) Raw Material is easy to recycle. Same kind of raw material is easy to deal with during recycle. Raw material only can recycle 30-40%. If it exceeds this range, it will waste raw material or you only can use raw material on other places. If it exceeds this range and you must recycle raw material, the finished products will have impurities, bottle intensity will weaken, and luminosity of bottle appearance will worsen. Therefore, MIB 85-C machine does not have recycling problem due to its flash only has 2.56%. (4) Save money, save space, and save energy. Other-brand machine needs two machines_ therefore, it needs higher expense and bigger space. And noise and air pollutions will increase. So, MIB 85-C machine not only can save energy, but also can save environmental protection. (5) Few flash. For example, the weight of bottle has 780 gram, and it only produces 20 gram (only handle has flash). Therefore, flash of this machine only has 2.56%, and it will not cause raw material waste. General injection-blow machine will have 400-500 gram flash (bottle neck, handle, and bottle bottom have flash). So, flash of this machine will have 51-64%, and it will waste raw material.

Last Update : 2014-08-06
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