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Multi-Station Multi-Color TR/TPU Extrusion /Injection Molding Machine

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HC-682 *Professional producing all kinds of thermoplastic raw material, foaming or non-foaming, such as: TR, TPU and etc for soles injection to product high quality goods. * The mold base rotary 0。,90。,and 180。, permitting all different color isolation to achieve excellent color separation. * The barrel temperature control with 3-stage P.I.D, ensuring constant temperature and high quality product. * Employs specially designed individual multiple mold station, wakes the machine suit for mass production. * Movable injection unit combined with intelligent automatic mold-station, greatly saves energy waste during waiting period * Employs quantitative and pressurized material control on injection system, assuring great quality production. * The machine with safety system devices for operators protection. * Employs water cooling on the mold platen to be hydraulic circuit cooling system design. HC-683 *Function The machine use high efficiency of hydraulic system and with high clamping force direct press mold closing system, products finished burrs-free. Available to produce a variety of shoes and shoes material including sole, heel, upper, strap, etc. in single-colored or two colored, with or without inserts. Suitable for injecting material of Nylon, TPU, Resin, Foaming or Non-foaming PVC & TPR. *Features Higher mold clamping force by equipping with bigger piston which leads finished products good effects of burrs-free. With Door-safety design and mechanical safety device for security after mold opening to protect operators. Upper-mold holder designed with 0。90。180。Three angles rotation. Lower-mold holder with ejecting device and slider makes efficient operation. Upper and lower mold holders with excellent design of water cooling circulation system. Injection volume controlled by high precise linear ruler system. Provides 5 injection pressure adjusting function for great quality production. Screw with 4-zone of P.I.D, temperature controller.

Last Update : 2015-06-24
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