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Non-Halogen Intrumeson Ammonium Phosphorate Fire Retardant Micro powder

Model No.
CHEM 11 - 1003
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Key Features

Non-Halogen Intrumeson Ammonium Phosphorate Fire Retardant Introduction: CHEM11-1003 is a highly efficient flame retardant containing both of aromatic and aliphatic nitrogen-phosphorous speice. It has especially high phosphorous content, excellent thermal stability and mechanical properties. CHEM11-1003 can be dispersed in polar system and used in combination with other flame retardants for maximum flame retardant property. Composition : Active Ingredients: Inorganic complex containing N, C, O and P Nitrogen content : 14% min Phosphorous content : 30% min Specification: Appearance: White powder Odor: Odorless Boiling point: N/A Melting range: 270 �C Bulk density: 0.65 g/cm3 PH(20�C, 10%): 5.5~7.0 Volatility: 0.2% max. Solubility: (g in 100 ml solvent @25 �C) Methanol : 0.2% Water : 0.5% Toluene : 0.2% Acetone : 0.2% Application: CHEM11-1003 is recommended as an additive flame retardant for polymers and copolymers, especially in water soluable system case where the non-blooming, non-migration, low smoking performance are importantance. Typical dosages and performance are as follows: Ingredient (w/w) PMMA 85 85 80 75 1003 15 15 20 25 AD-1 0.2 x x x Total 100 100 100 100 UL94 1/8” x V2 V0 V0 1/16” x V2 V0 V0 Packaging: 20~25 kg net/ paper bag. 20~25Kg net/ box

Last Update : 2015-10-10
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