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PE stretch film making machine, PE wrapping film making machine, PE rewinder machine, PE cling film making machine, Blown film extrusion, Blowing film extruder, Inflation film machine

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Our “MULTILAYER CO-EXTRUSION PE STRETCH FILM BLOWN FILM MACHINE” is for producing PE stretch film & PE cling film. We OEM with Germany technology to have liquid PIB injection system to inject the liquid adhesive into screw to get the sticky film. The old method is using solid pellets which is sticky mix with resin to produce stretch film. Our technology supplies you another choice, we use PIB injection system inject the liquid adhesive into screw to mix the resin to produce stretch film. This technology can let you adjust the stickiness you need & also save the resin cost, because the solid pellets are more expensive than liquid & not so easy to buy in the market. The fully automatic cut & changing reels winder is standard to let you save labor cost. Besides, the winder is equipped with no-tension control to let the film to be the same tension & won’t tight the paper cores. Co-speed controller controls the speed of take-up unit & winder to be the same, so the film won’t be stretched & can keep the stretch after winding. This machine can produce 6 rolls at film width 500mm in one time, the output can be 120-165kgs/hr. for 2 sets 65mm extruders. We have three kinds of different “REWINDER MACHINES” to match Co-extrusion PE stretch blown film machine. Rewinder machines are used in rewinding the jumbo roll to be small roll. You can set the meter you need to rewind the film to sell in the market. We provide you three rewinder machines, one is fully automatic rewinder machine for film width at 300mm, one is fully automatic rewinder machine for film width at 500mm, these two machines can automatic feed the paper core, rewind, cut and change new paper core. They are very easily to operate in fully automatic condition. The maximum speed can be 600-1000 meters per minute. We got several patents for these machines. If you consider your various products, we have another choice, Semi-automatic rewinder machine. This machine can allow film width at 200-550mm, so you can sell different width of film in your market.

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Last Update : 2014-06-28
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