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Silicon Nitride Bearing

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Key Features

 A high temperature equipment in the transmission device

Si3N4 ceramics at 800 ℃ , strength, hardness almost unchanged, while bearing steel exceeds 120 ℃, the hardness decreased.

(2) high vacuum field
Use of Si3N4 ceramics can be solved self-lubricating bearings lubricated steel vacuum caused by contaminated media .

3 . Strong magnetic field environment

Because of the strong magnetic field environment in steel bearing wear down their metal powder is firmly adsorbed between the rolling elements and raceway will cause bearing damage and early dial down the noise increases. 

The solution is the use of ceramic bearings.

4 . Chemical machinery and equipment , food, marine and other sectors
Ceramic bearings can solve corrosion problems

Second, the types of ceramic bearings
A ceramic cage full ceramic bearings

The retainer having a ceramic wear-resistant, high strength, corrosion resistance and self -lubricating advantages holder made of ceramic ceramic bearings can be used highly corrosive , high and low temperature and high vacuum environment , etc. could be carved , common cage ceramic material is ZrO2.

2 full complement Full ceramic ball bearings

Full ceramic bearings ball ball gap side with Tim , because no- cage design, can more than ceramic ball bearings into the standard structure , thereby improving the radial load capacity , while also avoid cage material limits , so as to achieve better corrosion and temperature effects. The series bearings suitable for high speed , the installation should pay attention to the gap surface mounted on one end does not bear axial load . Because of the ball bearing inner and outer rings with filling the gap , it is not suitable for large axial load occasions.
3 hybrid ceramic ball bearings

Especially silicon nitride ceramic ball ball has a low density , high hardness, low friction coefficient , non-magnetic electrical insulation , abrasion resistance, self- lubrication and good rigidity characteristics, especially suitable for 

high speed , high precision and long life hybrid ceramic ball bearings rolling elements ( inner and outer rings of metal ) . General inner and outer rings bearing steel (GCr15) or stainless steel (AISI440C, 316,304), ceramic balls can be used ZrO2, SiN4, or SiC material.

4 all- silicon nitride ceramic bearings
Silicon nitride ceramic bearing rings and rolling using silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic materials, the use of Teflon cage (PTFE) as standard equipment , the general use of PEEK, PI, and phenolic cloth bakelite tubes. Si3N4 system

Full ceramic bearings compared ZrO2 material suitable for higher speed and load capacity , as well as suitable for higher ambient temperatures.

5 zirconia ceramic bearings

Rings and rolling with zirconium oxide (ZrO2) ceramic materials, maintaining the use of polytetrafluoroethylene 

(PTFE) as standard equipment , the general can also use glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25), special 

engineering plastics (PEEK, PI).

Third, the existing line model ceramic bearings
       Full ceramic bearing silicon nitride
       6200 --- 6210
       6300 --- 6310
       6900 --- 6905
       6800 --- 6805
       Zirconia ceramic bearings
       6200 --- 6210
       6300 --- 6310
       6900 --- 6905
       6800 --- 6805

      ※ can undertake customized size maximum internal diameter 60mm maximum diameter 100mm

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Last Update : 2017-11-02
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