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Top Spring® Life Energy Water System- Industrial Model LE102-1KT

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  • Type : Water Purification Equipment

Key Features


Top Spring® Life Energy Water System


The world’s leading multi-functional drinking water system 

and Improving the quality of ingredients technology


Sole Agent Wanted Worldwide


We are looking for the chance of collaboration

with food & beverage manufacturer in the world ....


Top Spring® Life Energy Water System is currently the most state-of-the-art technical product in
the world. If the food industry applies Top Spring® Life Energy Water to produce bottled mineral
water, coffee, juice, beer, milk, soy milk… and so on, the quality of the product will become
extremely unique which cannot easily be oxidized also can keep freshness of the product. The
anti-oxidation is undoubtedly an important selling point for many products, which will greatly
enhance your product quality and raise your product to be more competitive in the market. Moreover,
our small Top Spring® Life Energy Water System can also be applied to beverage and cooking
at restaurant and home, which enable customer to enjoy more fresh, tasty and healthy food.

Top Spring® Life Energy Water System could be applied broadly into diverse aspect including
commercial use (Various of liquid drinks and the content of the water are more than 20%), food
industry use, frozen food use, and agriculture use. To satisfy the need, our company offers different
series of Top Spring® Life Energy Water System from 12,000L, 25,000L, 500 tons to 20.000



Since Top Spring water system can produce an exclusive product in the world, in order to keep product’s unique features, we only authorize technology to one sector of each product in every country. We warmly welcome you to cooperate with us for creating commercial opportunities in the future.



Do you want your beverage become unique product and the number one selling in the market?
Do you want your restaurant’s food become fresher and tasty also more business is booming ?
We can help to achieve your desire!



Top Spring® Life Energy Water System is the most state- of-the-art technical product in the world.  It produces Quantum Harmonic Oscillator (QHO) through a unique SEH® Super Energy Control System combined with other technologies, which can make life energy water to generate exclusive substantial anti-oxidation capability. Try to make tea or coffee with Top Spring® Life Energy Water. After 30 minutes, 1 hour to several hours or even overnight, you can discover that the taste is still sweet and not bitter, just like fresh made. With mineral water, deep sea water, R.O.water, Ionized water, magnetic water or water out of regular filters or general energy water filters, the taste starts to become bitter after just 5~10 minutes because of oxidation. Moreover, this QHO can penetrate glasses and make soy sauce, wine or vinegar placed in a bath of Life Energy Water minimize the capacity of impure substances to the lowest. In 15~ 20 minutes, the liquors will attain the same qualities as those made over many long years and the quality won't return to the original condition. Our product's functions are million times stronger than the filters with far-infrared or other so-called “energy stones”.  And our product is the only one, which possesses this unique function in the world.



Model Name : LE102 -1 K T

Total Capacity : 1000 tons
Material : SUS304
Size : 95 x 48 x 130 cm

Last Update : 2017-11-23
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