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Twin Separator

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Twin Separator
The main function of a Twin Separator is to de-fiber and remove impurities quickly and effectively from the stock which just defibered by pulper roughly. It removes light and heavy impurities through a high density cleaner, strainer and a slit or hole screen basket. A single machine will thus be able to have the function of defibering, coarse screening and fine screening together. Hence, it simplifies the stock preparation system as well as enable the strainer of the pulper to be enlarged, which increases the capacity easily.
The Twin Separator consists of two main parts:
1.      First part is defibering and coarse screening section, which has a hole strainer and impeller in the tub.
2.      Second part is the fine Screening section that consists of a rotor and a slit or hole screen basket.
When the stock enters tangentially through the tub, the impeller increases its speed to generate vortex flow in the tub. This creates a centrifugal force which cause light impurities to gather at the vortex center and discharges continuously or periodically. On the other hand, heavy impurities, which are collected on the internal tub wall, passes through the high density cleaner with the stock and discharge into the junk box. The stock, with its remaining impurities makes use of the rotating impeller to flow through the strainer again.
Due to the turbulence created by the high speed rotor and screen basket, the remaining impurities are removed and the fiber is passed through a screen plate to form the best quality stock. Inlet stock consistency is about 2.5~3.5%, with the average light reject of 7~10%, and secondary reject of 15~20% form the fine screen section. This gives a total of 20~30% reject and can be easily disposed of. The stock quality at outlet, in term of difibering ratio or impurities removal, is equivalent to or better than other pressure screens.


Last Update : 2015-06-26
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