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Vibrating Screens

Model No.
FCVS Serirs-2 Deck
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Key Features

The Fong-Chuan Vibrating Screen Series are firmly constructed from an elaborate design ——

  • a pair of eccentric shafts are levelly and symmetrically mounted in the driving system of the vibrating screen, out of which violent vibration forces are generated in regular cycles.
  • The mesh of the screen sieve on the vibrating screen is calculated and produced in the light of the varied particle size, specific gravity, dryness and viscosity of the screening materials.
  • All these ensure a large quantity of final product with an even particle size and a clean appearance can be obtained by the end of the screening process.

The Fong-Chuan Vibrating Screens have long enjoyed a good reputation in the business and their application has been extended into the fields such as

  • sand and gravel aggregate screening,
  • classification work for environmental protection,
  • incinerator residue segregation,
  • solid waste processing,
  • smelting by-product isolation
  • sorting of building materials for remanufacturing purpose.

According to the feeding granularity, specific gravity, dryness and viscosity of the screening materials as well as the amount of production expected by a customer, a double-deck or a triple-deck vibrating screen can be supplied by Fong Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

* Specifications:

ModelScreen size       ( mm )DeckScreen Mesh         ( mm )Motor power Vibrating frequency
( R.P.M. )
( KG )
FCVS - 4081200×240020.3 - 100106780 - 9803000
FCVS - 4101200×300020.3 - 100106780 - 9803500
FCVS - 5101500×300020.3 - 100206780 - 9804000
FCVS - 5121500×360020.3 - 100206780 - 9804500
FCVS - 6121800×360020.3 - 100256780 - 9805500
FCVS - 6161800×480020.3 - 100406780 - 9806500
FCVS - 6181800×540020.3 - 100606780 - 9807000
FCVS - 7182100×540020.3 - 100606780 - 9809000
FCVS - 7202100×600020.3 - 100606780 - 98010000
FCVS - 8202400×600020.3 - 100756780 - 98013000

Note: Technical data may change due the technical progress.  Specifications and dimensions are subject to modification without notice.

  • Functions of the Fong-Chuan Vibrating Screens:
    A. Screening materials;
    B. Flushing and cleansing materials;
    C. Adjusting and preparing materials;
    D. Aiding with the feeding of materials.

  • Benefits of the Fong-Chuan Vibrating Screens:
    1. Accurate engineering calculation ensures excellent screening results and low blockage of the sieve;
    2. Low energy consumption;
    3. Extensive application;
    4. The screen is convenient to replace;
    5. Low cost for maintenance;
    6. Easy to operate, no staff is needed to be charged with the supervisory duty.


Last Update : 2016-05-12
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